Don’t Die


Don’t Die! Pretty self explanatory!

Don’t Die is my attempt as a recovery specialist to address the alarming rise in opioid overdose death in America. To begin a dialogue with anyone and everyone who cares about this plague. Regardless of creed. 12 steppers. Law enforcement. Medical professionals. Parents. People from Government. Health and wellness brothers and sisters. Anyone who cares and wants to try new ideas of how to turn the high and ever-climbing overdose death rate around. 

Don’t Die is a simple yet comprehensive approach. Let’s discuss with addicts and their families openly and frankly the dangers of stopping and returning to active use. The deadly combination that Benzodiazepines and Opioids pose. Even the drug companies tell you not to do it… And they are in the business of selling pills! I want to discuss with the community the real life dangers of all of this. Subjects such as: Routes of administration, shame and secrecy, returning to active use alone (this makes rescue from an overdose impossible). Too many mothers have found their kids dead in their homes mistakenly thinking there child was sober just because he went to rehab last month. I want to talk about whether addiction is a disease. Seems to be a lot of debate out there.

This death and destruction across our nation must stop. We need to discuss harm reduction in a mature and responsible way. The recovery industry has done little to nothing to educate the mass of millennial opioid addicts about the dangers of opioid use that pass through their facilities in masses. The recovery industry is in the business of preaching abstinence for profit. Even though anyone who has two eyes can see that the recovery industry has a very low success rate. Saying 20 percent achieve abstinence sobriety is more than generous. That means that eight out of ten opioid addicts who receive treatment will return to active use!

These addicts and their families deserve the truth. Unfiltered. Nuts and bolts. Brass tacks. If you shoot heroin in America today, you are playing Russian roulette. If you mix benzos and oxys, you are gonna die soon.

Don’t Die! is gonna be the beginning of hopefully a more enlightened and open minded dialogue about opioid addiction in America. I hope you will join us.

Sent in Love and Peace

Bob Forrest