I wanna talk about Obamacare. First off. It has been great for millions of Americans. But, those millions who benefited need to understand not all citizens did. I personally did not. I have worse health care than before and it’s slightly more expensive. Like 100 bucks a month. I accept it. No biggy. That’s the breaks in life. The millions who got health insurance were in a way worse spot than me.

C’est la vie. That’s life

So, c’est la vie. But what I don’t appreciate is when I share my story people attack me. People who share my values. If you can’t listen to people like you, have empathy. Try to understand instead of ridicule or argue with. Just listen and accept. Then our society is lost. And it is not Donald Trump’s fault. He is just a symptom of a much larger problem. It is our own.

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Together as one

Moving forward we are known as progressive or whatever the politically correct term is this year. I prefer what I’ve been called most of my adult life. A commie! But if we on the same side behave exactly the same as Trump and his criminals, or the same way I have been treated from the left for having differing views but on the same side then we can’t come together over Trump. And if not I’m moving to Bali to hang with my friend Chris and show my children a society that respects one another regardless of its differences. I’ve seen that kind of society in many parts of the world. I grew up in a society like that. It is possible. We all, left and right and center, have to want it. I know I do

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