Rehab Now: Episode 1 – Richard Rogg

Richard Rogg founded Promises Treatment Centers in 1988 as the next step in care after 30-day hospital treatment, the “malibu model” of treatment. Addicts would enter a 90-day program, paying only $5000. The insurance companies would actually visit the rehab facilities to maintain and develop relationships. They were just beginning to learn how to even code for some of the services an in-patient sober living facility was providing.

Bob and Richard discuss the impact that Promises and their practices had on the rehab industry. Even with concierge service and high thread count sheets, people were still doing chores and making their own beds. Richard says the move to Malibu and the celebrity ambiance in addiction treatment was not a conscious effort. It just happened.

But now the ambiance and service has become more important than actually getting sober.

Watch Rehab Now with Bob Forrest as he continues to talk about getting back to the basics in the rehab industry.

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