The Millennials

Every generation has been sold a bag of goods by the previous generations. We have a long history of criticism of youth in this country as frivolous and irresponsible. Generation after generation criticizes the new kids on the block. As far back as I can remember. The Jazz agers was the end of our great society. They were immoral, sexual and listened to sexually suggestive music. They ended up being called the great generation.

So it is no wonder that so much criticism and focus has been placed on millennials. Myself included. I have been very skeptical of this generation’s motivation for accepting the responsibility that comes with being a grown up. They are the next adults coming down the pipe. And honestly millennials do not seem to be ready for adulthood.

It’s not their fault

The adulthood all of us have passed through the fire into. They don’t seem to even understand that life is a combination of everyday misery and great joy and purpose. Of course, it is not so much their fault. It is our fault. The parents of millennials. We have been protecting them from the everyday misery their whole lives. Now it seems we are mad at them for being shocked and wary of heading out into the world on their own. Clinging to our homes and our purse strings as if they are their own. I can’t tell you how much anger and frustration I have witnessed the last five years at millennials from their parents. But in the end, nothing happens, nothing changes.

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America the Ugly

As a person who has been on my own since the age of 17 and the father of a man who has been on his own since he was 18, I find it to be the parents fault so to speak as to why 24 to 26 year olds are still living at home working part-time at Subway. Not the kids. They are going to school for God knows what useless degree that doesn’t translate to a 21st century American economy. (Shame on these for profit university that are preparing students for jobs in last centuries economy). They are doing supposedly what they are supposed to be doing.

But no reality is piercing through. They are shocked that America has huge pockets of racism and homophobia. Wow. Really? You’re 22 and you never realized America is a hideous nightmare of ugliness and division. Maybe the election of Donald Trump will wake you up to that. But who failed the millennials is their parents. Shame on them. You can’t protect adults from reality. Sooner or later it will be revealed. Read Sidhartha if you need a refresher.

It’s time millennials know the truth. It is a sad and beautiful world. You get what you earn. You be the best citizen you can. You win some. You lose some. Life is fair sometimes and unfair other times. Life as in politics is a series of compromises you can hopefully live with. In the end. It was the journey that mattered not the destination. Parents of millennials allow them the dignity of their own experience. Tell them you’ve got till June to find a place to live.

Good luck.

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