Age Of Psychobabble

May you live in interesting times is a wise old saying. They never said anything about strange times. These are some strange times we’re in. I call it the age of psychobabble.


My six-year-old picked out a pair of shoes at Target last night that he wanted to get for his baby sister. I said ok. And as we were walking to the car I said, “Elvis that’s so thoughtful of you to think of your sister and want to get her some cool shoes.” He looked at me in a very confident and matter of fact and said. “It’s called EMPATHY dad, I have a ton of it.” He’s only SIX!

We have become so obsessed in this country about building good character and self-esteem in our children that now they have too much self-esteem. They are too confident and full of themselves, having achieved nothing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told by a tweener or teenager, “I have anxiety” or “I have trouble in social settings.” Children refer to their playmates as peers. It’s insanity!

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Excuses excuses

College students tell me what medicines they are on for their multitude of issues. ADHD, social anxiety, attachment disorder. Now I would be all for this, if this generation were raised thriving and functioning at a so-much-higher a level than prior generations; ignorant to all this psychoanalytic awareness. But they are not.

They are lower functioning in almost every matter of measuring adulthood. Financial and emotional autonomy, graduation rates, joining the workforce with the economy being so hard for them. This excuse, that excuse…it was really harder than getting out on your own during the Great Depression, harder to get out on your own during the recession of the mid-80s!

No. I disagree it’s no harder than other generations. It’s the psychobabble. It is all an excuse for everything in this world.

It’s all in their Heads!

Most people don’t know anything about the psych issues they claim to have. It’s just used as a rationalization for failing or not trying for the most part. Go to Von’s or your local grocery store. They have employees who function just fine in the workplace with all kinds of disabilities both biological and neurobiological. They are not making excuses. It’s all the fringe, vague, psycho-babblers that can’t do things. Cause they’re anxious. Or depressed. Or can’t focus.

It’s all bullshit people. It’s all nonsense!

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