Clueless Surgeon General

Clueless Surgeon General
Clueless Surgeon General

Addiction is a living, breathing, thinking, feeling based disease. It is not like any other disease. It is not like cancer or diabetes that so many try to get addicts and the public at large to accept. I’m convinced we never will accept the disease model wholly because within this disease is a human being who seems to be deciding to destroy themselves with drugs and or alcohol. A human being with free will.

Should we listen?

The surgeon general, whom I watched stumble through one of the worst “Educate the Public” TV specials I’ve ever seen on addiction, is the last person we should be listening to about addiction. He obviously knows nothing about it.

As I watched my good buddy Dr. Drew try to lead the surgeon general to a better understanding of the subject live on TV, I had an epiphany. Doctors and psychiatrists and government officials will never ever help addicts. They are incapable of helping. They should stay out of it. They always make things worse.


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Opioid and Heroin Epidemic

Addiction treatment in America is in a shambles and virtually ineffective now because of people like this. They believe the drug companies and insurance industry. They believe data they collect. Data that is mostly based on addicts statements which are notoriously inaccurate and full of lies.

The whole thing is a mess with people like this in charge. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have become heroin addicts BECAUSE of the federal government! They gave the ok to the opioid epidemic in the first place. Granting Purdue Laboratories the right to go ahead and addict 20 percent of the population with oxycontin. Then when tens of thousands were dying cut off the supply abruptly which then led to the huge heroin epidemic. Now they supposedly have the solution to the heroin epidemic that they caused by creating the prescription opioid epidemic.

Profit Opioids

Suboxone! Great more for profit opioid for the masses. What did Obama and his people think last time they made a big sweeping decision about drugs in America. That hundreds of thousands of opioid addicts would just stop taking drugs? Now that those same people if they are still lucky enough to be alive will be saved by another opioid? It’s insanity. And very profitable I might add.

This is why treating addicts should be done and policies should be made by recovering addicts who have been dealing with this problem for decades. But do they call us? Nope. The policies are decided upon by idiots like the surgeon general who thinks being on methadone is sobriety. It’s like physics helping addicts. If you don’t know algebra, you are lost and will never get up to speed. I am convinced of this as long as non-addicts are involved in the big decisions about our country’s addiction and recovery.

Things will continue to go from bad to worse to horrible nightmare and beyond.

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