Rehab Now: Harold Owens (Part 1)

In this episode of Rehab Now, Bob sits down with his long-time friend and mentor, Harold Owens. Harold was one of Bob’s counselors in rehab and now works with the MusicCares Foundation. Bob recalls how influential Harold was in his recovery, encouraging him to go back to school and become a counselor.

Harold discusses how counselors are simply facilitators — helping addicts go through the steps to recovery. The people involved in the rehabilitation process are crucial, and it’s important that addicts connect and attach to other people in treatment — whether that be their counselor, the nurse, or even another peer that is strongly motivated for recovery.

But because of the competition in the industry and monetizing treatment, good rehab centers are hard to find. They exist, but it’s a matter of weeding out the unethical, deceptive ones.

Watch Rehab Now with Bob Forrest as he sits down with Harold Owens and discusses how to find the right treatment center.

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